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 Latest Collection of love quotes-wishes-messages for him

It Is Not Important That I’m Beautiful To U.. It Is Beautiful That I’m Important To U.. U Are The Most Beautiful Thing That Ever Happened To Me..
Love U My Sweetheart..! (love messages-wishes-quotes-sms)


I like your Facebook pictures
I retweet your tweets
I repin your pins on Pinterest
All because I find you very sweet
I share your Instagram photos
I check your Tumblr regularly
I plus one your Google posts
All because I like you dearly

If loving you is wrong, Then I don’t want to be right. My love for you is strong and Brighter than any light. The way we must go is long, But we’ll
win every fight.

Some broken hearts may never mend, Some memories may never fade, Some wet tears may never dry but My love 4 u will never die.

Latest Love Status of 2018

Believe it or not..But it’s true…. “The person From whom u r maintaining Distance, Is d person who has actually special Place in you are Heart…”:-)

Girl: How much do you love me? Boy: Look up at the sky. Girl: Don’t change the subject! Boy:Just do it!… Girl: Alright! What am I looking at? Boy:
Count how many stars there are. Girl: Impossible. Boy: So is explaining how much I love you.

True Love Is When A Boy Ask The Girl For A ‘Kiss’ And The Girl Simply Close Her Eyes And Allow The Boy For A ‘Kiss’ But The Boy ‘Kisses’ On

Only two kind of people will not mind any thing you say…. The one for whom you are nothing… And The one for whom you are every Thing.. !!

Example of Sweet relationship :- Small girl & boy r crying together. 1 man asked- why’ Girl says & My doll has broken & boy says & I am crying because my
dol is crying..

Tears r silent language of love. When tears cum with reason it means u got sum problem, But when tears come without reason it means u r in love….

All I See Is You Everyday But I Don’t Know How To Tell You How Much You Mine To Me You Are My Light When Days Are Dark I Really Really
Love.. You My Angel.


Collection of love messages-wishes-quotes-sms for girlfriend

A sweet Love talk. Boy: I don’t dance but wood love 2 hold u while u do. Girl: Even I don’t dance but wood love 2 dance if it gives me a reason 2 b in u r arms

Life is really nothing without “Love” give every 1 you are Love but don’t expect it back ……, Because, “its not a deal , its a feel “……..!

True love is like a boy playing Carrom Always afraid of losing his queen. And A girl playing chess Risking everything just 2 protect her king.

Love & Cigrate are equal… . . . . Because that both create happiness in the lips…. but create pain in the HEART

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I ———— ————————- ————————- U,V,W,X,Y,Z. WHAT R U LOOKING FOR? I KILLED ALL

I hate you when you smile at me, Because you make me crazy. I hate you when you talk to me, Because you make me run out of words. I hate you
when I see you, Because you make me love you more…

Please close u r eyes .. .. .. .. How dark is it? .. .. This is my life without you….

When U Get Attracted To Someone, U Realize What Is Love ??? But, When That Someone Starts Avoiding U, U Realize What Is Life 

One Of The Sweetest Line Said By A Boy To A Girl: . You Must Be A MAGICIAN For Sure. . Becouse.. . Every Time I Look At YOU, Everyone Else

Most romantic line: A boy told his girlfriend- your eyes are just too beautiful! The girl replied- they are beautiful only because you stay in them…


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